Easy and Effective Lease Transfers in Bridgeport

Leasing in Bridgeport is a great way to give yourself the flexibility and stability of a short contract on your car. It also helps you maintain reliable late model vehicles no matter what. The flip side of this of course is that when you need to change your plans on short notice, getting out of your lease can sometimes seem tricky. In these cases, it may make sense to consider transferring a lease to another driver or taking over an existing lease. We have been helping Connecticut drivers complete this type of transfer for decades.

Lease Transfer to Another CT Driver

For a small fee, our experienced Bridgeport leasing team will help match you up with another driver willing to take over the responsibility of your remaining lease, freeing you up to upgrade, downsize, or walk away from your lease terms free and clear. Maybe you have a family addition or simply want to opt for efficiency over flash, instead of terminating your lease and facing potentially high penalties, there are options at your disposal such as transferring your lease to another driver.

Taking Over an Existing Connecticut Lease

Our online portal and extensive connections to dealers and drivers throughout the region mean we can get you set up with a wide selection of existing leases of different lengths and financial commitments. You can simply take over an existing lease and potentially find yourself with a minimal payment for a short period contract — cutting the stress and the payments. We help drivers do this all the time and it is a great way to get going on a nice lease fast with little commitment.

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